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Pardon my French, but what a bunch of fucking pussies. All it takes is some fireworks or construction noise to throw a major government office building into a blind, screaming panic because somebody thought it was gunfire.

OK, it is pretty entertaining to hear about some of the most powerful people in the world being laid low by a backfire. (I wonder, did the real-life Manchurian Candidate suffer flashbacks and dive to the floor, frantically scanning the room for Charlie?). And, it's great news that a third or so of the House was rendered ineffective for a day, but I'm sure they'll get caught up soon.

They didn't even wait for evidence that there was actually gunfire, or even independent confirmation. They simply accepted some random report from some unknown somebody about something that might be a gun, and ran for their lives - because of course a Gun is the most powerful, irresistable force in the universe, and simply being in the same building with one means imminent, unavoidable death and disfigurment.

The only injury was not a gunshot wound, but some staffer who collapsed from a panic attack. A goddamn panic attack, over phantom gunfire that she didn't even hear herself. This is what y'all have put in charge of this country? No wonder they don't trust any of you to defend yourselves, they're so afraid of their own shadows that they run screaming like little girls over a rumor of gunfire someplace in the general vicinity.

Congressional staffs were told to lock themselves in their offices and not to open the door for anyone who didn't give the secret password. And it would appear that they all timidly obeyed, though probably in part because it was too embarrassing to go out in public after pissing themselves.

Now, these were gummint folks, so it's not surprising that they, being among the lowest forms of life on the planet, are lacking in all human self-respect and dignity, not to mention self-preservation instincts. They aren't interested in self-preservation, they prefer to leave their preservation up to others. Did any one of them even have the common decency to grab so much as a pistol out of a desk drawer and vow that nobody without the password will get through that door without a few fresh holes in them? Yeah, right. Even the thought of lifting a finger to defend themselves would make them no better than the psychotic madman running around the building with a g-g-guunn!

No, instead, they immediately turn into sheep when they get a little frightened and men with guns and badges start giving orders. These people look at the world and all they see are things to be afraid of. Is it any wonder that they expect everyone to be just like they are, or else they're a threat? Is it any wonder that when they are given such enormous power that they will use it to try to make the rest of us just like they are? Should any self-respecting human being voluntarily let himself be ruled by people who look out on life from under a desk?

UPDATE It gets worse. Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.): "I have no confirmation of gunfire. We have confirmation of a loud noise,". A loud noise. That's all it takes to spread terror across a city.

They not only shut down the capitol, but the surrounding schools. Whole swaths of a major city shut down because maybe there was a gun around somewhere.
a spokeswoman for the school system said. School officials wanted to err on the side of caution
It's not just that they "wanted" to, it's that erring on the side of caution has become the guiding principle of this country. A final quote sums up nicely the future we face under such a principle:
Finally, at about 2:45 p.m., SWAT officers entered [Representative Hoekstra's] hearing room. "Hands on your head," they said, and everyone did just that.


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