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Live blogging the speech, kinda. Actually just random thoughts that I won't post till its done...

...Sheehan got busted just before the speech. I'm sure the commies will be screaming oppression and censorship tomorrow

...McCain looks constipated. If Pelosi has one more facelift, she'll have to start hooking her bra over her ears.

...A litany of non-democratic countries. C'mon, say "China", say it.... say it... awww, chickenshit. I guess that might offend our prized trading partners, eh?

...only Charles Rangel did not stand for "we will not surrender to evil". Because he knows he already has?

...the SCOTUS justices don't applaud? Is that some kind of neutrality thing? BTW, where's the Qaker Oats man, isn't she still on the court? Oh, yeah, hee hee...

...[the people of Iran] have the right to win your own freedom... we look forward to being friends with a Democratic Iran." Whoa. What sleeper cells in Teheran was that one aimed at?

..."this economy could not function without [immigrants]." Hmm, that'll disturb the base.

..."the economy functions best when people keep their own money" (not exact quote). Is he going to revive SS reform? Wait for it... "make the tax cuts permanent", exactly one half of the peanut gallery is standing... "earmark reform", and McCain claps exactly like one of those wind-up monkeys with the cymbals. I think he is constipated. Line item veto? Where did that come from? Clinton got it, then the court threw it out. Does he see a chance with Alito?

...SS now, will he bring up privitization again... "congress did not act last year on my proposal to save it" Democrats give standing O lead by Hillary. A "commission".. "bipartisan solutions", oh shit, nothing's gonna get done... stopped short of the P word.

..."orderly and secure borders", there's the carrot for the stick he hinted at above

...affordable health care, hold on to your wallets. "government has a responsibility to provide healthcare" shit, this is when I really hate this guy. Medical savings accounts, OK, that's a little better.

...medical tort reform now ...? Hmm, almost, "liability reform".

..."America is addicted to oil", is he gonna push the hydrogen crap again? Hold on to your wallet again... oops, he almost caught himeslf, but still said "nucyelar", but you could tell he tried. Lots of talk here of diverting resources away from where the market thinks they'd be most efficient. OK, let's set our energy infrastructure back another few decades, no problem. initiative, OK, I'm going to lock my wallet in the safe for a while... Oh, great, he wants to fund nano-tech?

...100,000 teachers!?! Gotta love those tax-n-spend compassionate lib... er..., I mean conservatives.

...personal responsibility "proud of [governments] record." Sheesh, even a chimp could see the contradiction there.

...calling for a total ban on human cloning? Fuck You!

...Governor Blanco rolling her eyes at the amount of money for the hurricane areas.

...HIV money, more of my cash down the toilet

Oh well, a big Yawn overall, not even much to make fun of. Seems like there was a lot less spending mentioned than previous ones, but then again, it might have just been condensed into fewer examples. Same old Bush, a mixture of attack and appeasement. He chooses his battles, but I have to wonder if he couldn't afford to be more aggressive. Then again he really believes a lot of that "public responsibility" crap that just translates to "I'll be very generous in giving you other peoples money".

Should I stick around for the Commie response? Or should I just sumarize it now? "We know how to spend everyone's money, so let us do it. Bush missed an 'opportunity' to give in to us and our agenda. Our party is going straight down the toilet, but if we say that only we represent real Americans, then maybe some of them will believe it. Freedom sucks. How can we let you be free if you won't guarantee things will work out the way we want them? Who will feed us if we can't force you to do it? C'mon, we're desperate, we need you way more than you need us, so please, accept that responsibility. We'll throw ourselves at your mercy, then hate you for it and keep complaining that you aren't coughing up enough. Doesn't that sound like a good deal?"

No, I don't think I have to watch.


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