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If you just can't help but watch the DNC this week, try to remember one thing while you do. It is the kickoff for the 2012 campaign. Oh, I know, the pundits will all tell you that it is about this November, and they'll be right to a certain extent. Barack may believe it as well, and of course, to him, it is about 2008. But to Hillary!, it's all about there not being an Obama to run against in 2012.

Just watch the whole shebang through that lens - Barack trying to beat McCain this year, and Hillary! starting the long 4-year march toward the White House.

Of course, there are those who think that it really is about this year, even for her. I think there's only a slim chance she's even trying, but I wouldn't put it entirely past her. If she does, the Recreate '68 people might get their wish in a way they hadn't bargained for, starting with the metaphorical slaying of Martin Luther King all over again .


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