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I'm browsing through the "search phrases" section of my referrer logs, and it struck me that I've left a footprint on the "world wide web" thing that everyone is talking about. Small as it is, that footprint is a bit of a snapshot of the kinds of services that internet surfers the world over have come to count on from me. Where would the world be without my take on the following subjects? These subjects, after all, must be of vital importance to someone, if they take the effort to type them into such a sophisticated tool as The Almighty Google.

And my favorite:

Mariao Lanza Dysfunctional

As a twisted bonus, now, any future searches for these phrases will now turn up an exact match on this article, doing the searcher absolutely no good whatsoever. My devious world-monkey-wrenching plan is proceeding nicely. Bwahahahah.


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