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I had a nice friendly chat with the Republican candidate for Pima County Attorney (Brad Roach) today. It was purely accidental, he was at the a booth at the home show, and I couldnít resist asking the group assembled there if the Rís had any plans to grow a spine in the near future. He quipped that they would, but that stem cell research hadnít progressed far enough yet. My interest was, of course, purely academic, but I stuck around for about 20 minutes since he seemed surprisingly willing and able to hold a decent conversation.

He thinks Roe v Wade was a horrible decision on legal grounds, and that the feds have no business outlawing drugs - though he still thinks the state should ban them. Interesting answers from a Republican. He says he believes in the right to bear arms, and that crime would be reduced if drugs were legalized - but that the problems of increased addiction would be worse. Sally jumped in at this point with the argument that letting people decide on their own whether or not to take drugs is, at itís core, the same argument gun grabbers use against letting people decide when and how to defend themselves. He didn't, or wouldnt, see it. Not so unusual for a Republican.

I had told him at the start that I had pretty much given up on the Libertarians for being too liberal and too big-government, and he seemed a little non-plussed at that, saying "so you really don't like government?". Toward the end he asked if we were registered Republican, while a cohort with a clipboard sidled up to us. Sally said she was still registered Libertarian, and he turned to me and said, ďso you too, or are you an independent?Ē I told him that I was an anarchist, and he actually was willing to argue the merits of it! The clipboard lady faded back into the background just about then.

I said that Iíd heard all the arguments he was about to make, and that I was sure I could talk him out of them, but that I didnít have time. He seemed a nice enough guy, and surprisingly thoughtful, but that argument would be simply wasted, and there was plenty more interesting things to see. I parted with the recommendation that he should find productive work and avoid politics.

Hereís another potentially valuable member of society sucked into the black hole of government work where any productive abilities he may have will be totally wasted - at best - and some things he said tell me he knows it, but suffers under the delusion that he'll be the one to stay above it. On the other hand, heís decided that that is his current mission in life, so heís probably already too broken for it to matter anymore. Maybe I planted a seed, but most likely itís in salted earth and wouldnít get enough water in any case. Though it surely will get buried in plenty of fertilizer.


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