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So, three days in, and things are already looking up. With a strict 20 grams (or less) of carbs each day, cravings have been intermittent, but not serious - and more importantly, I can feel an obvious difference between hunger and appetite again. They didn't used to be distinguishable.

I was dead to the world today, but that's typical withdrawal symptoms now that the crap is clearing out, plus I think I got a bit dehydrated. I do live in a desert, after all, and less food means less water. Gotta watch that.

The really interesting thing is the physical improvement. I said I was dead to the world today, but at the same time, I had more energy. Previously, sluggishness was inescapable, it was an effort to get off the chair or couch, even simple physical activity like picking up clutter around the house or doing dishes felt like I had to drag myself through it. Now, tired as I was, those activities have started to happen without conscious effort to make my body move.

I also noticed that I've been walking very stiffly, due to general aches and pains that I had grown so accustomed to that I didn't even notice them. Today, I suddenly caught myself still walking that way and wondering why. The aches and pains are basically gone, and I didn't even notice right away. My mind is even clearing a bit. That burst of writing here yesterday would've been too much bother last week, as evidenced by the scarcity of new postings here lately.


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