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The 1860's, that is. Montana is making noises the likes of which we haven't heard in nearly a century and a half.
A collective rights decision by the court would violate the contract by which Montana entered into statehood...

They stop short of threatening secession... or do they?
Montana reserves all usual rights and remedies under historic contract law if its Compact should be violated by any "collective rights" holding in Heller;

They're at least getting right up to the line. I WILL put the house on the market and start packing the very day they go through with it, if they do.

In any case, Heller will be the story of this late summer. And right before the November dog and pony show, too. If there's a definitive ruling either way, times will get very, very interesting, and, last I checked, expectations are that the ruling will be a definitive one.


I predict the Supreme Court will issue a collective rights decision, and that Montana, and anyone else will fold.

They really ought to just dissolve all the state governments and save taxpayers a ton of money. The states are superfluous, inept, powerless (rattling sabers is all they're up to), and a total bunch of pussies from top to bottom.

Posted by Richard Nikoley at Friday, February 22, 2008 10:37 PM

Yeah, that's about right. I think the chance of an individual rights ruling is real, but probably not the more probable. But if not, maybe Kim and Larry Winget will finally have that "aha" moment.

And the chances of Montana going through with it are... well, I'm not sure how many zeros would come after the decimal point in that percentage. Sabre rattling is the right term for it - it's more about trying to influence the decision than about what they'd actually do about it. I found it telling that it was the Sec'y of State, and that the guv wasn't among the signatories to the statement.

Still, Sally and I had a nice 15 minutes of fantasizing about escaping across the new international border in a fully loaded u-haul.

Posted by kylben at Saturday, February 23, 2008 06:28 AM

Don't be so sure: This is serious 'effin business; and those Montana people aren't going through it all just for show.

Rich irony: The USG floundering around to a non-blatantly-hypocritical response to a Montana announcement of a voided contract, in light of the recent endorsement of Kosovo.

Posted by Mike18xx at Sunday, February 24, 2008 03:05 AM

Mike, no doubt it's very serious fucking business - I know that, you know that, but I wonder how many people even in MT know that. They haven't gone through with *anything* yet, the SOS (and I think the AG) issued a statement. It could be a trial balloon, it could be sabre rattling, or it could be serious. We have no way to know yet. I couldn't even find any mention of it in the Billings Gazette.

The irony vis a vis Kosovo would indeed be rich, but it would go right over most people's heads. See, the Kosovars were "oppressed" people who had a right to be liberated, but here, even with the 2A gutted, we're "free" people and secession would be open rebellion against a just and benevolent government. And don't forget, the civil war established for a "fact" that states don't have any "right" to secede.

Posted by kylben at Sunday, February 24, 2008 06:14 AM

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