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Iím a power hungry son of a bitch. It is my lifeís work to amass as much power as I possibly can. I will gather power to me in any way I can. In fact, I aim to become the most powerful man on the planet. And I believe I can do it. And when Iíve gained what others may think is enough power, I will seek even more.

My culture and values are superior. I will preserve and defend my values and my culture, and use my power to increase their influence, and to thus amass even more power.

I will oppose with all my will those who oppose my power, those who would try to substitute their values, and their culture for my own. I will take from their values and cultures that which serves me, and discard the rest. I will take benefit from the power of others when I can turn it towards the service of my own power, and work to negate their power when it works against my own.

I want to be the ultimate ruler.

Astute readers should have one question in mind: Ruler of what? SuperiorÖ to whom? Power over what?

I wrote, a year or two ago, the following:
If your self-esteem is dependent on how others see you, then people like me will always have power over you. But people like me don't want that power. Power over others is of no value to people like me.

Power is incompatible with connection, cooperation, friendship. I don't hate you, I don't reject you, and I'm not out to get something from you, but you're of little value to me if I have power over you.

The answer to the question, the context that was purposefully left out, is: myself, myself, and myself.

And I meant every word of it.


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