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Sorry if anyone saw weird things happening in my RSS feed in the last few hours. I discovered a bug in the Nucleus blog scripts, and posted then deleted a number of test posts to narrow it down.

Just in case anyone out there is googling this (and I'll try to hit the keywords you might use if you have this problem), here's the bug and my solution (applies to Nucleus CMS version 3.23). The "Add Item" function, and the "Edit Item" functions choke on any URL with the word "root" in the path. The error manifests as a 406 "Unacceptable" code with some text about being "unable to locate a proper resource for...". It's a strange error, but I think the PHP script was trying to dereference the "root" to my blog URL, and then looking for the remainder of the URL at that root. It shouldn't be doing that.

The workaround was to url-encode the path, like this "%72oot". This just uses the hex ascii code for the letter 'r', and since it is not decoded until the server gets the request, the PHP script on my side can't read it.

Note that this is for an older version of Nucleus, and so I am surprised I haven't hit it before this. I haven't upgraded to the newer version because the script that backs up the db has a bug in it, too, and that makes me very wary of the risks of updating, particularly without a reliable backup. Other than that, Nucleus is great, really. And these issues may well be fixed in the new versions.


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