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What to do about this government thing? Police states, socialism, protectionism, nationalism... Pretty soon it gets to be that the concientious Advancer runs into some real obstacles. Well, New Hampshire may be the last place in the U.S. with some true sense of freedom, even at the highest levels.

Witness this very Advanced response to a silly new idea some busybody came up with:
So when a bill came up in early April to consider allowing robotic traffic cameras at the busiest crossroads, mocking laughter from the [State House] gallery preceded the measure's demise.

Strident opposition to this bill would have given it credibility with the public, possibly (probably) resulting in its eventual enactment, if not this time, then next. Compromise would have had it enacted even sooner.

Laughter is just what the doctor ordered. Don't argue, don't meet them halfway. Don't give them sanction of any kind. Don't grant them the legitimacy of being taken seriously.

The people who vomit these sort of ideas all over the shoes of advanced society thrive on opposition and argument. They swallow compromise in great greedy gulps. Both make them stronger by making them important.

They are not important.

Laugh. Move on. Advance


good advice

Posted by mcg at Monday, May 09, 2005 07:24 PM

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