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Al, the Old Whig, informs me that The Objective American Daily is apparently gone. It's been on my blogroll from the start. E.G. Ross, the sole writer of what was essentially a blog before they were called that, was an outstanding writer and analyst, and his incessant optimism was as refreshing as it was rational. He died several years ago, suddenly from a brain aneurysm. I know it was after 9/11, but I think before the US invaded Afghanistan, certainly before the Iraq invasion. I really miss reading what he would have had to say about all that.

As I said in my comment below, I had started some time ago to pull down his articles, with the thought of possibly offering to mirror them here, at least to have them for myself to read, but I never finished. Alas, now I may never get the chance.

UPDATE Good news! The Wayback Machine has the articles. Enjoy Thanks a bunch, Rich.


John T. Kennedy hasa good point in a comment over at Rich's place about the Rutgers girls. I heard roughly the same take from an offline friend just after posting about it. Basically it's this: they are young and naive, and, rather than knowingly trying to gain advantage from this, they just got sucked into the Sharpie vortex.

That could be, it's probably even likely, but it doesn't really change my take on it. Knowingly or not, they are playing the part that the pimp Sharpton would have them play. If it is just naivete, then the tragedy of what they have lost is all the greater for them. But either way, they will have lost something extremely important to a vile predator, something that could only be given willingly, and that Imus could never in a million continuous hours of slurs and epithets ever have come close to touching. Sharpton feeds on other people's honor, integrity, and dignity. He consumes them, and leaves the empty husks behind.


ADMIN NOTE: Hmm, I just noticed that the title of this makes no sense whatsoever. Oh well, chalk it up to another brain fart.


I was wondering what was erroneous there.

Posted by Al the Old Whig at Friday, April 13, 2007 07:52 PM

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