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This is just anecdotal evidence, but I have to wonder if the economy is really going gangbusters lately. I can't swing a dead cat around here, (Tucson, AZ), without seeing a help wanted sign. I passed a movieplex on my way home from work, and the marquee was flashing, not movies, but "Now Hiring".

I switched jobs myself about a year ago, and in the process had put my resume on Monster and Dice. It was no bites, and no dice respectively back then, but in the last several weeks, I've gotten at least two phone calls and emails each week about specific positions (usually up in Phoenix). I'm in IT, one of those laid off in the endgame of the Dot Bomb, and have seen the the industry slowly picking up since about 2002, but this and the help wanted signs everywhere is remarkable.

Is it just my area, am I imagining things, or is this happening all over?


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