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The rumors are flying, but they're only rumors. Still, it's worth reading about how the reaction to the news might go in the exile community in Miami. It's a moving scene even if it is fantasy for now.

Keep your fingers crossed.

P.S Yes, I am hoping for and celebrating the possibility of another human being's (sic) death. I'm even tempted to pray.

P.P.S Allah, glad to see you back in action.

UPDATE: A healthy dose of wishful thinking, but Babalu feels change in the air. The general feeling seems to be that, whenever he goes, he'll be on ice a while till anybody admits it, till the new boss consolidates his position. July 26 is a key date, he can't not appear in public if he's alive.

UPDATE 7/15: There's still hope. Babalu points to some Nostradamus-esque evidence (evidence that is fully supported by the conclusion), of his impending or actual doom.

UPDATE 7/21: It was fun while it lasted...


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