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I wonder if Billy has pondered the connection? He writes today about the unprecedented appearance of vulpes vulpes in his upstate New York front yard. Last month he wrote about the unprecedented disappearance of homo sapiens from the same general vicinity.

It's likely that the upright (as in bipedal) flight from the vicinity is an unintended, though not remotely unforseen, consequence of the loony tunes policies being evacuated from the assholes in Albany and Washington. But is it unintended? The more conspiratorally minded might ask: whose interests do those consequences serve?

Unintended or not, the replacement of human beings with red fox in Billy's front yard is exactly what some people have devoted their lives to accomplishing. In light of the metastasizing cancer that is the human race, the Wildlands project, with some help from or dear friends at the UN, has been kind enough to divide up the entire United States into cozy little people reserves on which we can live in peace and harmony with the environment.

As a side note, check out this map, and tell me, can you find the designated human reservations in Arizona? I wonder if there's a Trail of Tears in my future?

NOTE: The maps are not official maps put out by the Wildlands Project nor the UN, (they're from another site called, so they have plausible deniability on the subject. You can read the articles at the linked TWP site for yourself and see how much you think the maps are exaggerated.


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