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You may have noticed the new look. If you're new to the site, check out this article about why I'm doing this.

There's a picture of a slightly strange looking building at the top of the page, and two quotes. They all mean something. They almost, but not quite, serve as a complete summary of this endeavor.

The building in the picture is a house, a private home. It is called Fallingwater. It was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright from 1934-36. It is to me an unparalleled work of art in its highest sense.

The home is a central concept to both Life and Freedom. It is the focus of our lives, it is where we spend most of our time, where we return to after taking on the world, where we want to be whenever we don't have to be somewhere else. Our home is our castle. The one sacred piece of property that we will defend with our lives, and that no government with any pretense to legitimacy will ever touch.

If the generic idea of home ties life and freedom together, this particular home ties them additionally to intelligence and technology. This home is intelligence made concrete, literally, but also made steel and glass and stone. It is the embodiment of the fundamental axiom of technology: "Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed." Wright sought, in all his work, but gloriously so in this, not to overcome nature, but to use it, to command it. He obeyed the form that nature imposed on the site, and so commanded it to rise, to flow, and to create a thing that is beautiful not becuase of nature alone, nor because of technology alone, but because it is the solid form of a mind totally at one with the universe in the only way that could ever mean anything.

It is that most beautiful love child of man and nature, and its name is "integrity".


P.S. - The irony... no the injustice of this is outrageous, but perhaps it symbolizes the darker side of what this blog is about. Human Advancement requires an effort every bit as integrated as Fallingwater is.

Special thanks to Galen Frysinger ( for permission to use his fall photo of Fallingwater. He's a guy who has traveled all over the world, snapping photos all the way. Good ones too. It's an interesting site, so check it out.


Very, very nice, Kyle. Best wishes.

Posted by Richard Nikoley at Sunday, May 08, 2005 08:48 PM

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